Compass Sport Cup Final (18-10-2015)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Helsington Barrows - M50+
Organisateur: SROC
Pays: UK
Discipline: CO - Pedestre
Distance: 8.32 km
Temps: 66:44
No.1 was in the open not undergrowth! Slipped and hurt hamstring en route to no.2? re-started but badly lost concentration. Did not realise that I was at no3. 9 minutes wasted. Undergrowth at no.5 badly mapped and extended. Did not see re-entrant en route to no.6 and stupidly stopped. Saw another control on knoll on the way to no.14. Poor run but happy to get round.
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Compass Sport Cup Final (18-10-2015) Compass Sport Cup Final (18-10-2015)