Régionale 4 (27-09-2015)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Les Granges de Port Royal
Organisateur: GO78
Pays: France
Discipline: CO - Pedestre
Distance: 10.07 km
Temps: 94:28
Slow to no.2, very rough in terrain. Tried for best angle. Missed no.4 badly, drifted off line. Clueless at no.14. Decided to go straight but totally the wrong angle and the compounded error. Thought I was checking compass but clearly NOT :( Ran an extra 800m that I did not need. Drifted on no.16, did not see road end on map until now. Lot of low trees and vegetation impeding running in much of terrain. Most controls low in depressions so quite a bit of Bingo. Hamstring really tired by the end.
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Régionale 4  (27-09-2015) Régionale 4  (27-09-2015)