JK 2015 H55 (05-04-2015)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Bigland
Organisateur: North West Orienteering Association
Pays: UK
Discipline: CO - Pédestre
Distance: 9.4 km
Temps: 107:57
HR moyen: 137
HR maximum: 161
Continue record on 1st control. Looked down but did not see kite so circled. Drifted on way to no.6, fortunate to be caught by fence. Started toget tired. Missed no.9, too low on no.10 and did large circle to recover. Would have seen kite if looked right as very open. Decent route to no.11 but then decided to go walkabout on an area I know well having controlled on it twice. No excuse. Reduced to a walk soon after and drifted slowly (and not surely) around the rest of the controls. Very disappointed. Lost about 20 minutes at least. Great area and good course.
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JK 2015 H55 (05-04-2015) JK 2015 H55 (05-04-2015)