Race the Castles (19-10-2014)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Forvie - H55
Organisateur: Moravian Orienteers
Pays: Scotland
Discipline: CO - Pédestre
Distance: 9.25 km
Temps: 98:46
Aargh!! Missed no.1 and found Jane and her control. No.5. Thought I would go to the right of undergrowth but chose (I guess) unmapped bit. Didn't check compass. Searched for 40 minutes on wrong sand dune. Brought two others with me :-) Saw fence but didn't realise I was so close to it. Rest of course was fine in comparison. At least it didn't rain.
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Race the Castles (19-10-2014) Race the Castles (19-10-2014)