London City race H55 (21-09-2014)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: London
Organisateur: SLOW
Pays: UK
Discipline: CO - Pedestre
Distance: 8.84 km
Temps: 51:37
Perfect run (not difficult) until no.16. Misjudged height ad went down beneath the control. Lost 2 mins. Did not see small passage north of no.16 so ran round to no.17. Lost 1.5 mins. Brain-dead at no.19, knew I had to descend stairs but checked on wrong level first. Lost 2 mins. Went from 21st to 37th by Finish. The Barbican beat me again!!!
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London City race H55 (21-09-2014) London City race H55 (21-09-2014)