OO Cup 2018 Day 5 (29-07-2018)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Pré sapin - Le Terment - H60
Organisateur: OO Cup
Pays: France
Discipline: CO Pedestre
Distance: 5.33 km
Temps: 62:29
HR moyen: 141
HR maximum: 161
Dreadful run and poor finish to the week. Complete lack of concentration. Yellow was not visible on route to no.2. Missed no.5 due to poor direction. Walked past no.9 as did not see sharp descent above control that I was expecting. Very poor route out of no.11 and completely lost the plot going to no.14. Walked past no.15. Lost 15 minutes in total.
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OO Cup 2018 Day 5 (29-07-2018) OO Cup 2018 Day 5 (29-07-2018)