Régionale (10-12-2017)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Dourdan st Arnoult - Violet moyenne
Organisateur: CDCO 91
Pays: France
Discipline: CO - Pedestre
Distance: 8.14 km
Temps: 71:55
HR moyen: 148
HR maximum: 164
Cold, wet and muddy. Back poor and no energy. Safe route to no.1 (30s). Careless, mislocated myself to search for no.8 when heading to no.7 (2 mins). Poor route and slowed by brambles to No.12 (2 mins). Found control very close to no.17 on similar feature so re-located on path and came back (90s). Tape came off shoes and undone but decided not to stop for last two controls.
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Régionale (10-12-2017) Régionale (10-12-2017)