West Midlands Championships (08-10-2017)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Sutton Park - Blue course Part 2
Organisateur: Octavian Droobers
Pays: UK
Discipline: CO-Pedestre
Distance: 4.2 km
Temps: 37:29
HR moyen: 150
HR maximum: 167
Disater at no.10. tried to use safe attack point of path junction but failed to find the correct place (looked OK on the ground) and had overshot control. Floundered in holly bushes. Rest Ok until no.22 when went too high and low trees reduced speed at no.23. Should have gone up track and across.
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West Midlands Championships (08-10-2017) West Midlands Championships (08-10-2017)