ASOM 2017 (13-05-2017)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Antwerp Mastvest - H50
Organisateur: Trol
Pays: Belgium
Discipline: CO - Sprint
Distance: 4.05 km
Temps: 24:13
HR moyen: 154
HR maximum: 172
Ran past no.7 as misread code and could not see steps on map (but saw control and thought it was wrong!). Brain-dead at no.16, turned worng way on descending from no.15. Lost 2 minutes. Hesitation at no.18 as thought fence corner was inside uncrossable fence, lost 30s.
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ASOM 2017 (13-05-2017) ASOM 2017 (13-05-2017)