Départmentale MD (11-12-2016)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: La Grotte Béatrix - violet long
Organisateur: OPA Montigny
Pays: France
Discipline: CO - Pédestre
Distance: 6.26 km
Temps: 78:31
HR moyen: 129
HR maximum: 159
Difficult to run as back had stiffened up after sprint. Map hard to read as magnifier was clouded over plus symbols are for 15000 map on a 7500 map. Missed no.1 in the mist. Fine until o.11 and then fell apart. Confused paths into no.12 and then again on leaving no.12 so stopped early for no.13. Bigger disaster on no.16, saw control and read code, thought it said 46 and I was looking for 45. Of course, it was 45. Should have gone closer.
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Départmentale MD (11-12-2016) Départmentale MD (11-12-2016)