Welsh League day 2 (23-10-2016)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Newborough Warren - H55
Organisateur: Eryri Orienteers
Pays: Wales
Discipline: CO-Pedestre
Distance: 8.32 km
Temps: 76:58
HR moyen: 145
HR maximum: 164
Lovely day and good course. Much faster terrain than yesterday. Route choice to no.2, lost 2 minutes. Path run north much quicker. Too safe for No.1, 3 and 16. Lost concentration at no.5 and lucky to recover. Did not see first open sand at no.15 so climbed (and descended) the wrong dune!! Enjoyed a completely solo run.
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Welsh League day 2 (23-10-2016) Welsh League day 2 (23-10-2016)