Brussels Orienteering Meeting 2016 (18-09-2016)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Louvain La Neuve - H55
Organisateur: Altair Orientation
Pays: Belgium
Discipline: CO - urban
Distance: 8.36 km
Temps: 60:29
Great area and course. Far too many errors. Slow out of 1st control (30s); No.2 Could not fit map to ground (75s); No.3 Poor route, did not see southern route then overshot (90s); No.4 Should have gone south (30s); No.6 DID not see east route out of control (30s); No.8 Stupid error, decided was left or right route and missed the tunnel direct route (75s); No.14 Hesitation trying to work out the route (20s); No.16 Hesitated on route (30s); No.20 Map not clear. Followed passage up stairs but arrived at open front door of flat. Apologised and went round building (Should have gone down stairs and out) (45s). Great fun. Should have won without errors.
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Brussels Orienteering Meeting 2016 (18-09-2016) Brussels Orienteering Meeting 2016 (18-09-2016)