NW O Cup (28-08-2015)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: San Sicario
Pays: Italy
Distance: 6.1 km
Temps: 97:56
What a great area. I found it difficult terrain because of my foot injury - especially the descent - but it was worth it. Depart - 1: brillliant planning - the map was perfect so no navigation problem, just finding a way to cross the steep ravine was hard. I chose the path to 4 as it was easier to walk but had to detour further along the path to avoid a troupe of large cows at the north end of the marsh. Only error at 5 as too high and did not see the end of the gully. Very tricky descent for me from 6-7 so took the path round to 8 as easier. I see why this area was used for WMOC 2013.
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NW O Cup (28-08-2015) NW O Cup (28-08-2015)