ICE-O 2015 (27-06-2015)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Heiðmörk
Organisateur: Rathlaupafélagið Hekla
Pays: Iceland
Discipline: CO-Pedestre
Distance: 9 km
Temps: 124:08
Long Distance. Mixture of native forest and lava field. The lava was either bare rock (grey) or rock covered with moss (yellow). The forest was very difficult to run through and visibility was low.The yellow/white was small bushes. I tried to follow the line of white to 1 but gave up and returned to the path to take the safe route. En route from 2-3 I did not see the path going east so was not sure where I was when I reached the road. In the area of 4 there were many unmapped depressions. I attakhed up te reentrant from the rocks and just missed it. Long leg to 7 was going well until I reached the vague area just before the large depressionand could not make the map fit the ground to headed for the boulder on the hill to reconfirm. Getting very tired by cotrol 9. Akk ok until 13. I arrived in the circle and turned up the hill and found an enormous boulder that (so I know now) was not on the map. I finally went on to the path and returned from there on a bearing....back to the opulder. I went around the boulder and there was the control - grr! A very tough course physically with all the vegetation and very long. The classes were W21+ and W50+. The W50+ course was the same as M50+ and I ran almost 9k for a 6.1k course.
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ICE-O 2015 (27-06-2015) ICE-O 2015 (27-06-2015)