Turkey Trot (29-12-2014)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Delamere Forest
Organisateur: Deeside Orienteering Club
Pays: UK
Discipline: CO - Pedestre
Distance: 4.42 km
Temps: 42:37
Our UK club Christmas event. Format: 45 minute score, each control 10 points, 5 points deducted for each minute late. There were 4 maps. According to the planner, the club decided to try a new map printer - Santa Maps. However they decided to sub-contract the printing to Elf Maps who did the printing on the day of their Christmas party. The first few maps were perfect, the next batch had some errors, the 3rd batch even more errors and the final batch (by now the elves were very drunk) had most of the paths and several other parts of the map missing. The planner had pre-allocated according to ranking of the runners in the club. Nick and I both got the map with the most missing parts! Finally, there were baskets at some controls with each containing an ingredient of a traditional UK Christmas dinner - potato, Brussel sprouts, carrot, turkey and pork. There were 50 bonus points for anyone who could collect all the ingredients. Actually the bonus points were only for the vegetarian option and 50 points were deducted for anyone who had a turkey or a pig. Great fun on a sunny but very cold day with plenty of snow in the forest.
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Turkey Trot (29-12-2014) Turkey Trot (29-12-2014)