Portugal O Meeting 2014 (03-03-2014)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Arcozelo da Serra Oeste - Middle Distance
Organisateur: CPOC
Pays: Portugal
Distance: 3.73 km
Temps: 48:40
Hooray - today I could read the map.....but it was pouring with rain. The first 4 controls were in low visibility area with many controls very close together and people everywhere. The M21E course had 7 controls and even Thierry G said he had to change his race plan and walk! Walked the first 4 - lost time at control 3 as got off line but revoered. Toof safe route to 10. After road crossing, used building for attackpoint to 13 but got in wrong direction.
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Portugal O Meeting 2014 (03-03-2014) Portugal O Meeting 2014 (03-03-2014)