Portugal O Meeting 2014 (01-03-2014)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: Vila Nova de Tazem
Organisateur: CPOC
Pays: Portugal
Discipline: CO - Pedestre
Distance: 4.66 km
Temps: 53:56
Map printing dreadful and really difficult to read. Could not even see reentrant in the circle on the map for number 1 so just took bearing and ran. Missed 2 as couldn't read map properly. Very carefl on way to 4 and found ok. Bearing to 5 and way off, relocated on control on crag control eventually! 9-10 slow but safe route. Used paths 11 and 12 as faster. Slow 14-15 as fields on map did not seem to match the ground.
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Portugal O Meeting 2014 (01-03-2014) Portugal O Meeting 2014 (01-03-2014)